8=D < What’s the best way to carve wood?

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ok so F*DG——-E me (look im censorin myshell here im bein clamicable) for lookin back @ this but i wanted to sea if it went ANYW)(—-ER-E and i saw ma name get used in here so this is all imma say and i dont wanna hear another GLUB outta my tideline posse unless its equally conchstructive

look you AR-E playin the d*vils scadvocate (d*vil isnt efin a bad word its a name why is that censhored idg) by supportin stereotypes atoll for anything but d*mb jokes & even those r a stretch

dyou wanna kno why those stereotypes ——-EXIST and why lowbloods r so violent n rude 2 u its bc of yall (us) (highbloods) (waterever) talkin down to em & in the case of beforus cuz we were coddlin them how would u like 2 be treated pike a wild n untrustworthy caged creature for everyfin you do thats p much what stereotypes r youre goin off some generalization for how they all act and holdin em to that sandard and thats all they are and S)(**T this aint my area but im tryna make the point clear theyre B-E-E -ESS

naut to mention your dolphinition of dignity didnt help ur argument
‘bearing conduct oar speech findicative of shellrespect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation’
she was bloggin abt food and wantin to get l*id and i kno you aint on tumbz much but thats kinda what people DO here there WAS no garvity of the occasion or situation its her blog she was doin her thang and you were makin fishdainful comments abt how its to be expected of sumbuoy of her blood bc let me make it a lil clearer

BLOOD DONT M-EAN S)))))((((((((((((********TTTTTT

idk abt you but were dead and im pretty shore beforus is dead for nearly errybuoy and the hemobullshark system was totez cr*p she aint lesser and i aint higher than you

its a PRAWNBL——EM that the reason youre gonna listen 2 this is cuz im ‘higher’ than you on some dead caste system & its a PRAWNBL——-EM that yoar primary argument against her bloggin 2 her koikoros content abt doin the d*rty was it should be ‘expected of her blood’

imo the clamment in the first place shoulda stayed 2 yoshellf but its your blog and hers is hers n youre ALLOW——ED 2 speak 

and ya
given it bein your blog and whatnautical
she DID get a lil violent
my whole tideline did
do you kno why that is
bcuz this is R-EGULAR TR-EATM-ENT bcuz shes alwaves been looked down on pike this bcuz shes alwaves been treated via stereotypes

so ok maybe were a lil @ fault for respondin all angry n uppity but if youre gonna criticize and you dont wanna get called hemoist DONT BASS YOUR ARGUM-ENT ON T)(-E )(-EMOSP-ECTRUM & ITS D*MB*SS ST-ER-EOTYP——-ES and if u cant keep urself from doin that its probz a sh**t argument that isnt worth havin in the first place

damz tried makin this argument 4 herself but she was p reasonabubbly p*ssed off and you were lookin down on what she said no matter wut anywave in assumin it was right solely cuz u blue and she red

i am SO far from bein the person to say this sh**t im literally 1 of the moist privileged trolls in the world so sumbudz check me if you wanna but i figure dis is at least slightly betta than lalonde bein a human & all

(。┰ω┰。) < First, I must thank you for your kindness and for taking the time to give me this talk, Your Harness.

(╯︵╰,) < I truly feel ashamed. I didn’t mean for everything to spiral out of control, I horsenestly e%pected my comment about being surprised at the general v*lgarity of the population on tumblr at that.

(︶︹︺) < Now I realize, hoofever, that it shouldn’t even be you that I should apologizing to at this current moment, although I am sorry that you had to get this involved in all of it.

(*´;ェ;`*) < I promise to be mare careful in the future. I was hoofing a difficolt time understanding the issue before, but now I’m hoofing an easier time grasping the errors of my way to the fullest e%tent that I am capable of understanding.

8=D < At this late hour my pile of fresh hay 100ks e%ctremely comfy and inviting.

8=D < I simply can’t ignore its beckonings for any longer so I think I shall turn in for the night! Goodnight, everypony!

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ok so its p clear that u dont know why what u said got ppl mad

so i went thru ur post and bolded the parts that caused the problem
usually id feel kinda weird boldin someone elses stuff but since u seem to have this thing where u go thru posts that u reblog and censor out sw*ar words, i figured hey, u probably wouldnt mind

now… o man how do i explain this
im not even the best person to do it cuz i havent actually dealt w it myself…

basically u were implying that:
lowbloods in general talk in a certain way
they talk in this certain way *because* they are lowbloods
this way of speaking is inferior
they should try to speak in a way that is NOT inferior (in other words they should try to speak more like you)

these things are offensive because not only are u claiming that a *whole group* of people is doing somethin in an inferior way
but what u r claiming is simply not true. it is a stereotype.
do you understand why they would get angry?

8=D < And you’re correct in thinking that I wouldn’t mind in the slightest! Thank you for taking the time to not only bold these statements with the purpose of pointing out to me, but for also taking the time to try to e%plain it to me.

8=D < I really do appreciate it, especially when everypony thus far as done nothing but either say things indirectly, face me with hostility, or both.

8=D < Not all lowb100ds talk with cr*de language, but from my e%perience a good amount of them do? Is it really wrong to say statements like that anyway? Stereotypes are based off of something, are they not?

8=D < I’m not trying to play d*vil’s advocate here, I’m marely trying to see where you are coming from… I wasn’t trying to imply that they were inferior or that what they were doing was inferior, only that I thought it was inappropriate?

8=D < Should I hoof kept that to myself? In my society I was taught that it is a highb100d’s duty to 100k after those underneath me in the spectrum and in turn teach them as those whoof are above me would correct and teach me and thus my only intentions when speaking to her were to try to help.

8=D < If somepony higher than me, lets take Her Royal Hayness Meenah, for e%ample, told me that I should do something that she thought was in my better interest, I wouldn’t get offended or angry for doing so. Which is why I’m still finding it difficolt to see the point here… Please forgive me, I’m really trying, horsenestly!

8ookworm replied to your post: Hello! ::::)
I’m doing alright. Sort of tired, 8ut otherwise I’m fine. You?

8=D < I’ll gladly take that over news of you being less than fine on any day!

8=D < I’m doing e%traordinary, as always! That really isn’t a surprise. There hoof been a few setbacks but to them I just smile and bid them adieu.

8=D < Nothing can keep this horse down! Not when I can just trample anything in my way under a positive attitude!

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everywhere considers censorship bad you know

but can you handle the convos
because i dont know anyone who actually does hoof it

theyre f*dging ridiculous
like you go out of your way to do two things and two things only
censor every f*dging thing and make seemingly endless horse puns
dare i say youre worser than meens 

8=D < I’m not preventing anypony in particular from seeing the words that you say, if they wish to see the e%act sw*ars that you put down they are free to go to your blog and see them there.

8=D < I just really would prefer not to hoof them displayed on my own blog, which I feel is the only space on the interne that I do manetain some control over.

8=D < I make the puns as a way of e%pressing my identity, hence the reason for why I always 100k for reasons to squeeze hoofbeast-related words into my language.

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8=D < I believe that one of my a% was just eaten.

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actually you just didnt censor anything i just typed down

could this mean we hit a breakthrough and hit a treaty with our cultures

also that is controlling because you just said you were controlling what you will pitifully allow on your blog of only high class language

g*sh your puns

8=D < No, I was just too preoccupied to notice anything to correct, but I must thank you for pointing it out to me so that I can go back and fi% it.

8=D < Either way, I no longer hoof the energy to continue with this seemingly endless di%ussion about my censorship.

8=D < What about my puns?

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8=D < I’d rather somepony e%plain to me just e%actly how I’m apparently being hemoist rather than cause another stir of insults and overall bad feelings for everypony.

8=D < Horsenestly. I’ll say this again and again that I’m not perfect, but that doesn’t make me the scum on the bottom of anypony’s shoes either. I’ve come a long way from how I used to be and I’m constantly trying to find ways to imhoove myself.

8=D < There used to be a time when I would do nothing but resnort to violence and let myself succumb to my anger. There used to be a time when I wouldn’t even associate with midb100ds, let alone even think of being in a quadrant with one. That also has changed.

8=D < There are lot of things that I’ll admit that hoof been ingrained into me from the caste that I was born into. It’s rather difficolt to think with any mentality outside of the bo% that I grew up in.

8=D < But how can there be any hope for me if despite all the efforts I hoof put into making myself the best I can be, I am met with nothing but anger and outrage the moment that I happen to slip up?

8=D < Many of you hoofen’t seen how hard I’ve worked just to get to this point or how much I’ve struggled, so perhaps you think that there is no point in trying to teach me any sense, but I assure you all that I am willing to listen and that I truly don’t mean any harm.

8=D < This is going to be the last thing I going to say on the matter.

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Hello! ::::)

8=D < Hay Aranea!

8=D < How pleasant it is to see you in my a% bo%! How are you on this lovely night, if I might inquire?

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